HTC makes return with Desire 10 Pro, U11, Play and U Ultra

HTC makes return with Desire 10 Pro, U11, Play and U Ultra

In the Philippines, HTC has continuously worked hard in around 2012 to the 2013 year and the successfully launched number of remarkable phones like HTC One X in 2012. Although One X was apparently likened by everyone and admired due to its fascinating designs but in spite of this, it could not help to make a very good image of the brand.

For many years HTC is struggling and launching new phones and successfully selling them in the market. Last year it has created a milestone, Vive. HTC is getting fame in the Philippines due to its latest swing of new phones in corporation of low midrange Desire 10 Pro (13990), flagship U11 (P36990), mid-range Play (18990) and near ultra-flagship (P26990).

In next few months, if improvements are seen in its selling and production then it will be easily available on shelves and common market rather than exclusively available on the Philippines, the key behind the success and fame of flagship U11 is exclusively defined in terms of HTC’s return. It is admitted by a senior sales manager of accounts, Mr. Karthik Arasu.

Moreover, he said, “They want to deliver right products, at right time and at affordable price”. According to him, it is the right time to launch the product because now the flagship phones are touching the peaks of a feat. And remaining products will be sold later which will further open the gates of achievement.

Some of the prominent phone which is under U11’s price range are Song Xperia XZs (P39990), Galaxy S8 (P39990) and LG G6 (P37990). The U11 also supports advanced features like in G6 (Snapdragon 821), in XZs (Snapdragon 820) and snapdragon 835 system on a chip. It also supports 3 to 6 GB RAM. Galaxy S8 has Exynos 8896 while in the market it is 835.

Keeping all these specialties on a side, Arasu also admitted that for marketing purpose they are more focusing on Edge sense of U11’s selling points. It eases users for performing certain actions like activating the camera to take a quick snap with flash by simply squeezing specific sensors fitted in U11. It is also helpful in launching apps.

Recently an associate director of global marketing product, Wayne Tang, said that lower priced devices and price points of U11 are quite competitive for each other. Furthermore, he said that one of major competitor they face in the market which is becoming great power are Chinese so because they brought multi spec phones with very low rates in the market.

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