HTC Solar Red U11

HTC Solar Red U11

Once there was a time, prior to the meteoric rise of the Samsung being the top of the smartphone manufacturers on the sales chart when HTC stood one of the leading creators amid all the Android phone manufacturers. This Taiwanese firm was the first one who developed the 4.3-inch display, the first to build the phone with the metallic body, and the first one to make simply best and highly refined designs. The devices made by the company like Droid, Legend, Hero, Sensation and Incredible were the high standard devices even before the formation of HTC One X. it was the time when HTC was the Apple of the smartphone world, or at least closer to it.

However, during the past few years, the products made by HTC were not very fruitful, which led to the series of amazing disappointments. The U Ultra device made this year was another bad idea, and it is now clear that the company wouldn’t be able to get its glorious position back. And then the red H11 HTC came to the market.

The device is red, but is completely new form – officially recognized as the Solar Red – is better to be called having the color of the fire. It is never the single tint of any item: there are other tones too like pinks and yellows, all reflecting across the back glass cover of the phone. The metallic frame of phone has the deep shade of red which contrasts dramatically with the light texture of the glass, making it highly sophisticated, and deeply intriguing

While looking at the back side of HTC U11, it looks like pink. If you turn it to the other side and the back glass gets a golden hue. But as the glass contains the gentle curves along the edges, you can’t see any flat color, and the sloped edges look as if they have got burnished into the light tint.

This playfulness included in the phone is very amazing which makes the phone unique among all other phones – while reminding you to the color shifting technique done on the motor shows using the Mercedes AMG-GT concept. But, the master piece of the HTC with the warm colors will be a naught if the device itself doesn’t work well, and the precautionary enthusiasm may get spilled over the outright pleasure if U11 works in an excellent way.


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