HTC Apps Prepped for Android Marshmallow

HTC Apps Prepped for Android Marshmallow

HTC was among the first companies to outspread some of its native apps such as Car (Mode), Scribble, and Calendar on the on the Google Play Store. With this move, HTC was able to push out updates to these individual apps to the users rather than having them wait until a software update has taken place. Considering the attitudes toward software updates as well as the tedious process involved while pushing one through the carriers, probably HTC had landed on the tread that fits the current market condition.

Just like how HTC had done when updating the apps for Android Lollipop, older devices should still expect to see updates to some of the native apps in the light of the release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This far, only the Scribble and Speak apps have received the update. Although, everything will be set to go by the time Marshmallow has rolled out on your older device.

It is ideal to remember that Android was rolled out some several years ago. Whereas it is almost a decade now, the Android market has received lots of fragmentation in terms of the system software that the distinguished devices from different companies run on. This can be termed as one of the effects of competition and market share. Some of these systems have really gotten better to the extent that they allow multitasking capabilities. Improvements on the system and particular apps have been popping up from time-to-time.

This heightened focus on the services offered rather than Android updates made Google to introduce new features faster than it had done before. You should remember that each and every new Android system software takes quite a long time before they arrive on other devices as compare to the time taken for them to arrive on Google devices like HTC and Nexus.

Currently, HTC has gone even a further step of providing an easy to follow format for users who would wish to update their devices to the lasts Android 6.0 Marshmallow system software. This comes hand in hand with the ability to update the individual apps so that they can be supported by the same software. The update will go through any type of handset, whether you have an unlocked, GPE, or carrier edition device. You will be able to use these steps in the manual and also get clues on how to overcome potential roadblocks that you might experience in the process.

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