HTC U11 is here: good news for all the fans of HTC

HTC U11 is here: good news for all the fans of HTC

Here is good news for all the fans of HTC. The company has brought up a new phone which is good and works amazingly in many ways. It includes a long list of the specs, like innovative design of the squeezable sides, an overall unique design, and an excellent camera. The processor used in the phone is latest which buzzes quite fast in the phone which is not very big nor much compact. The phone has the interface which is very slick than any other HTC phone ever made before.

In fact, for all the fans of HTC, they can skip reading the review of these phone and purchase the device directly (although here are the suggestions regarding the squeezable edging of the sensing element used in phone, as it takes some time to get used to) and just wait right at your front door, for HTC U11 to reach to you. But, for all others who are not the diehard fans of the HTC, things can get a bit complex. Yes, the HTC has brought up many amazing features in its spec lists, but the price may be little high – and the one which pits it opposite to few strong alternative choices.

The launching of this phone happened when the world of smartphones included some beautiful designs by LG and Samsung, and the Sony has come up with the big guns by bringing up the 4K screen with amazing slow motion video option in Xperia XZ.  As compared to this, HTC hasn’t actually done much effort to make the difference than the previous years, but it has done the things right largely. So, could this phone suit you?

The overall design of the phone includes something which takes a bit getting used to – but it worthy for this. It feels little overwhelming to hold this phone in hand for the first time, as highly polished Gorilla Glass is very light which makes you feel a bit plasticky. The bulbous texture doesn’t appear very exciting or seem quite premium as the metallic structure found in the HTC 10, but this will not bother you much.

Aesthetically, HTC U11 attracts in many ways which you will not find in other phones. The liquefied surface design of phone reflect two colors at the same time, provided with the Brilliant Black and Amazing Silver versions which look more like black-green and blue-purple respectively.

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