Protect your brushed-metal Android with Best HTC One M8 cases


Protect your brushed-metal Android with Best HTC One M8 cases


When it comes to building quality, Apple has always been in its own class. HTC One has also made efforts to step into this class whereby we have the HTC One M8 taking advancements further. This is a cutting edge

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HTC10’s Apple Airplay supports make it world’s No.1 Android Phone to support it


The HTC 10 was announced by the company in April 2016.and soon after its successful launch, it became the first phone based on Android OS supporting Apple’s AirPlay which is nothing but a wireless way of stream-lining audio-format going out

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HTC Apps Prepped for Android Marshmallow


HTC was among the first companies to outspread some of its native apps such as Car (Mode), Scribble, and Calendar on the on the Google Play Store. With this move, HTC was able to push out updates to these individual

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